Photo Therapy: A Day With Nia

This weekend was like therapy for me. By the end of it, even though the frigid outdoor temperatures had my thighs and the tips of my fingertips numb, I was warm and tingly inside because I got to reconnect with my real love for the weekend.

Photography, honey.

For an entire Saturday, I got off my behind and left my borough to put Roscoe Flash (my beloved Canon camera) to work.

It'd been a long time since I'd engaged in a passion project. For the most part, I'd been shooting professional head shots for people who needed them, street style and personality shots for friends that noticed I had a camera and begged for a photo-opp, and musicians performing at a show for my job. None of it has been to create art and bring to life some of the notes I'd been scribbling down in my Thought Notebook for months.

Nia had been one of the subjects I'd been dying to shoot. She's my sister-friend, so I'm very comfortable with her, and she's both gorgeous and stylish. We'd been planning to get together for some photo magic since the summer, but of course life and summer fun gets in the way. But we finally agreed on a moment smack dab in pre-winter.

We'd be winging it and see what we came up with. I had a camera with a full battery and she had an extensive, colorful wardrobe and white walls, but neither one of us had a real plan.

Because of that, the shoot came out 100 times better than I expected because there were no expectations. Nia's an excellent subject because she just looks at you, instead of asking to make up her face how you ask her to. I say this all the time, I seek to capture iconic moments more than to create them. So I was ecstatic that she provided so many different moments for me to capture.

Here's a little sample of the shoot (to see the rest of A Day With Nia, check out my site):

Now, there were a few more stellar shots, but I'm being stingy with them. I'm going to do this thing where I don't show my best work on the internet. I'm planning for a photo exhibit pretty soon and the things that will be in it have no need to be shared in digital form beforehand. So all the stuff on my site is great, but they're my second bests.

I can't wait for the day when I share all my firsts.


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