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K-Dot's Bandwagon and the Road Less Traveled

I've noticed a little trend. Kendrick Lamar and his good kid, M.A.A.D city are getting a really big whoop. In the eyes of many music critics and aficionados, it’s well deserved. Off the bat, comparisons to Nas’ Illmatic were made in countless album reviews. So far, he’s been dubbed the “magnum opus of a generation” and “an anointed-by-acclamation savior” by The Washington Post and The New York Times, respectively. He’s bulked up on some hefty cosigns for the most part (let's all just ignore Shyne calling the album “trash”).  Game called him the “West Coast Nas” and earlier in time, K-Dot teared up as he, Snoop and Dr. Dre symbolically passed him the torch. His first week projections serve as his accolades, boasting sales of over 240,000 units in his first week alone even without a real hit single (Swimming Pools was nice, not viral).  Kendrick even joined the ad-lib/twitter quotables Hall of Fame (Ya Bish!) alongside the likes of Rick Ross’s heavy grunts, Yeezy’s ha

Shortcut Thoughts

Why, hello there. Let me share my thoughts of the day with you: 1. Someone overdosed on their sodium intake today. 2. Kanye West doesn't smile. 3. White dress is not about kim. 4. Patience is a virtue. Going shopping tomorrow. 5. Train stare downs (and stare dodges) are always epic. 6. *laugh-cry emoji* 7. I can't let #oomf get under my skin. but more importantly............ 8. WHY IN THE HELL DO I NOW ONLY THINK 140 CHARACTER LONG THOUGHTS??? Damn you twitter. Damn you.

Absentee Status

Whoa. *Big Sean voice* It’s been quite the minute. I sincerely apologize for that. Between my last post and now, a myriad of thoughts have been swirling around my mind. I’ve been exhausting notepads, post-its and napkins writing down germs of thoughts for what I could write about next. But somehow, I’ve never gotten to it. And as I listen to Adele’s new Bond movie anthem “Skyfall,” I’m prompted to write. You ever felt like everything was going in your favor that it scared you? That it’s too good to be true. You spend every day smiling at all that’s happened to you, but tip toe around like you’re on eggshells because you don’t want to mess it all up? I feel like I’m trying to dodge tetanus thumbtacks.