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Came across this really dope short film (called Infected Love) made by Howard U student  Akinbola Richardson . No words necessary, just watch: Powerful message. Now imagine him in a few years? 

My Crew. My Dogs. Set Goals. Fix Flaws.

For the past couple days, I've been playing Extreme Makeover since I've been back home. It needs to look like a place of permanent inhabitance (I made that up), not just summer housing.  It's coming along well.  Took a break from all that, grabbed a snack, drank some juice, found a scale. It's been a while so why not hop on. Hopped off just as fast.  I could have cried from the number, lol! Not a laughing matter though.  So, aside from making my room cooler, I have a new summer goal: Weight loss!  I'm not going to do some super rapid race to skinny. I've just accepted I'm going to be plump on the beach. *shrug* My goal is to drop 20 pounds by Homecoming. I have until October to change my lifestyle. Why wait til it's too late?  Time to research methods. And vacuum. Toodles!

Times Have Changed, Boy.

Happy Saturday! Aside from me sitting on my ass all day, I found this interesting little read on called "Single, Saved, and Having Sex." I won't be the spoiler in this case and give the play by play of the article; go read it yourself. Seriously. But I will say it was an excellent read on how "traditions" are being modified as the climate of relationships is changing and an eye opener on how really real it is.  I mean, to be real, my eyes BEEN open on this issue, but it just made me think deeply into this generation and where they stand on relationships.  My perspective on black love and Generation Y have been thrown all over the place lately. According to the article (and life), people are getting married at much later ages, if at all. Unions of love are being taken as a joke because the L word is an either extremely overused or extremely unused term. We hear about as many divorces as we do weddings. No one's ever ready to settle

Graduation: The Glass is Half Full

It's May 2012.  Here come the tears of joy, sorrow, triumph, frustration, and reality.  Bring on the Kleenex. After four years of living the undergraduate life, it's time to be spat into the black hole we globally refer to as adulthood. The real kind, not just the neck-roll induced "I'm grown" schpeel.  Time flies when you're chugging beers and churning out A+ papers.  More often than not, soon-to-be grads feel an unsettling rumble in the pit of their stomach when someone asks them the end-all-be-all-of-questions: "So, what are you doing after graduation?" -_____- My sentiments exactly.  My mind eases up a little bit when I think of what I REALLY gained from college: opportunity. College places you at the epicenter of innovative new ideas with the ambitious young minds necessary to bring them into fruition. Our peers -- our cranky roommates, teaching assistants, club presidents, sorority sisters and frater