My Crew. My Dogs. Set Goals. Fix Flaws.

For the past couple days, I've been playing Extreme Makeover since I've been back home. It needs to look like a place of permanent inhabitance (I made that up), not just summer housing. 

It's coming along well. 

Took a break from all that, grabbed a snack, drank some juice, found a scale. It's been a while so why not hop on. Hopped off just as fast. 

I could have cried from the number, lol! Not a laughing matter though. 

So, aside from making my room cooler, I have a new summer goal:

Weight loss! 

I'm not going to do some super rapid race to skinny. I've just accepted I'm going to be plump on the beach. *shrug*

My goal is to drop 20 pounds by Homecoming. I have until October to change my lifestyle. Why wait til it's too late? 

Time to research methods. And vacuum.



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