Shortcut Thoughts

Why, hello there. Let me share my thoughts of the day with you:

1. Someone overdosed on their sodium intake today.

2. Kanye West doesn't smile.

3. White dress is not about kim.

4. Patience is a virtue. Going shopping tomorrow.

5. Train stare downs (and stare dodges) are always epic.

6. *laugh-cry emoji*

7. I can't let #oomf get under my skin.

but more importantly............


Damn you twitter. Damn you.

Damn you for making me think that its okay to abbreviate the hell out of what I want to say.

You could have the most profound epiphany hit you while en route from Point A to Point B, but you find your way over to Point X to stop, think and shorten that said God-sent thought. For everything that comes to mind, I GUARANTEE you think about how much space it'll take up, how will you sound to everyone else, will that certain someone stumble across the tweet or at what time of the day will it be the most advantageous to post this in order to get a retweet or two?

Or, you're scanning your timeline and feeling real emotions.  Usually those of frustration, nostalgia, or I told you so BIOTCH. Like, your brow is furrowing on the other side of this screen. What were once intimate interpersonal exchanges (AKA talking to ya damn self, it's okay, it happens) are now condensed senior thesis papers, a million fortune cookies split open, NSFW duck face selfies and minute after minute of thumb thuggin, as Necole Bitchie calls it.

If you don't relate to one of these, you're lying.

But honestly, what I really want to know is what in God's name did we do with our rambling thoughts pre-Twitter? I'm convinced it wasn't using diaries (judging from most peoples' tweets, half of America has dyslexia or a mild form of retardation).

And all that snarky #LHHATL/BET Awards/Prez vs. Myth Romney commentary? Did we just not think things before while watching shows? Hmm, maybe we had TV watching buddies or just shouted obscenities at the box while home alone, hoping the neighbors wouldn't snap.

It's just funny to me. I'm not complaining. I just want to know if anybody feels like they're in the same awkward predicament. I'm going to attempt to go on a Twitter/Instagram fast (sans self promotion) for a little while. I haven't set a length of time, I'm just going to try it until it resolves itself. I might do well. I might fail totally. Who knows, who cares. (But I gave up cussing for Lent and I STILL don't curse. There's a way.)

I just want answers or whateva. Here's goes nothing.


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