2012: What a Damn Good Year

It's the last day of 2012. Zamn. Zamn Zamn.

Right now, as I sit in my mismatch jammies, my father's tube socks and a haphazardly tied head scarf, sipping hot tea with milk (THE BEST), I can't help but feel overwhelmed by what an amazing year 2012 has been. For some reason it felt like double the length and 10 times the impact. It was no doubt a year of extremes. I can't even properly recap it all in the mass media scheme of things, with all the goods, the bads, and the uglies.

Look at this year compared to 2011 (Oh Gawd, 2011 was for the most part poo. crap. sugar honey iced tea). 2012 was better by a landslide. Even with the little things. There was soooo much good music to listen to. Like seriously. History was made (shoutout to Gabby Douglas and Keija Minor!). All my friends made major moves and received so many blessings. Including me. I was surrounded by so much love in all forms: in the form of support, in the form of physical love (unions and proclamations of adoration) and then in opportunities. God showed me his favor this year. Here's a superquickreallybrief recap of what I'm talking about


2012's amazingness in one breath: 
Howard University Alum with honors. Developed my website. Washington Post/The Root DC internship. Living on Kenyon St. Producing an amazing yearbook. Getting an internship at VIBE magazine. Getting my first byline printed in the Dec/Jan issue. Getting an internship at TheRoot.com. Watching mommy graduate. Launching THIS blog =). Writing two short stories. Redefining and strengthening certain friendships. Writing my first album review in life and having it published on VIBE.com. Gaining more self-confidence. Having stopped cussing. Reading more on my own. Having an epic spring break cruise. Covering homecoming. Seeing my LSs win the step show. Praying every day. Taking some amazing pictures. Getting an iPhone. Cooking. Seeing people I love marry the people they love.  Many more things. 


When you're all swept up in the magic of the moment, you forget to stop and appreciate the people and the factors that made that moment so wondrous. I owe so much to those that helped me see these accomplishments through, who set up the foundation for the blessing and who prayed for me and supported me along the way. At the very least, I can say thanks for it all. Thank You:

... to the amazing people at VIBE for believing in me and giving me a chance to prove myself. I've learned so much from so many people I genuinely admire and greatly appreciate the opportunity you're giving me to continue flexing those muscles.

... to The Root for challenging me more than I thought I could handle, and teaching me to conquer no matter what. I have so many skills to walk away with and have had the opportunity to be exposed to so many influential black men and women. Thank you for also teaching me to think on my feet and always find an idea. Greatly appreciated.

... to Natelege for being my right-hand in this whole journalism thing. You are my go-to, my mentor and someone I see so much of myself in. Here's to a year where we see exponential growth, get some great bylines and have a ball doing it all. Love ya!

... to my Howard family for teaching me about competition. It's a love hate relationship to be totally honest, but if it wasn't for all the #humblebrags running rampant around me, I wouldn't have found this competitive/comparative spirit in me that pushes me to be greater. It's a crazy love, but an appreciated love nonetheless. I admire you all for your MANY accomplishments and hopefully we'll rule the world someday. Because I know y'all wouldn't have it any other way.

... to Tenacious 43 for giving me what I need when I need it. When I need a diary page to vent to, the fortune in a cookie, a good laugh, ratchetivity (lol), constructive criticism, inspiration, empowerment, support, a pick-me-up, a reality check or even some space, no matter what form it comes in, it's all love. Shout out to Indelible for providing me with all of this.

... to my Rocks. You all know who you are, wherever you may be. I wouldn't be the Me I am without you present in my life. You complete me in your own ways. I just thank God for you everyday and that you will still be in my life for many years to come.

Now onto the good stuff, moving forward. You know I couldn't NOT put my resolutions in here right? That'd be wack. I've though up 10 oddly specific New Year's resolutions I'm going to try my damnest to stick to. Here goes everything:

1. Be glamorous more often. There's nothing wrong with it. I'm a girl. I should be able to do this without psyching myself out, saying only people with issues do this often. Live a little. Throw on a little makeup. Go out in heels. Have little bougie outings. Just cuz.

2. Be in more pictures. Not smiling awkwardly. If you know ANYTHING about me, you know I'm always behind the camera. I love that, don't get me wrong, but I should be a part of these memories I help create for EVERYone else (I make y'all look great on your reminiscing moments, though). It's only right. Plus, I need to get in a good selfie and frame it and hang it. I will love myself enough for it to show this year.

3. Be healthier. I won't dwell and draw this out. I know this is something I need to do. I see the kind of body I want (I have a funhouse mirror in my room, seriously. Like, this isn't a clever description or anything. I have no idea who's bright idea that was...) I know the way I don't want to feel (tired, sluggish). Just take baby steps, that's all I'm charging myself to do. Drink more water. Smaller portions. Stop eating like a starving dorm dwelling collegiate. That's all.

4. Get brown. I LOVE being dark skinned. My only problem is that I'm light skinned right now. Like pale. You'll see the truth when I show you my forearms. It's frightful, really. Come spring, Operation Reactivate Melanin will commence.

5. Visit 3 in '13. I have to travel. I have a crippling fear of flying (I screamed out loud on my last flight from Florida during "unexpected" rough turbulence. It was traumatizing), but an even more severe case of east coast stir crazy. I must leave. I don't want to claim any definites per say, but California and Texas are at the top of my list. Gotta find one more spot. Canada maybe? Start small. 

6. Make less excuses for greatness. This will eventually read "make NO excuses for greatness." I can do whatever I allow myself to believe I can. Go.

7. Watch more movies. Not all screen productions are trash. No, I will not watch Love and Hip Hop or any shows about wives, exes or baby mamas. But movies are still a source of inspiration. I'm doing myself a disservice by not indulging in them. They are the product of creatives and as a fellow creative, I need to support and enjoy the fruits of their imagination. I still remember the first time I saw Brown Sugar (which was like 2 years ago, smh). Changed my life. 

8. Appreciate my friends' words. So I have this friend I met in college. He has this funny thing he just always does. No matter how big an accomplishment or how small of a win I happen to have, he bigs it up to the highest level. It seems like he reads every article (which a lot of my friends do) and voices his proud-of-my-progression moments. I got my first byline in a major magazine this year. I was ecstatic yes, but I know that it's very, very tiny in size and figured most people won't even notice it. He saw it and gushed about how proud he is to me. I was rewarded for my [passion driven] hard work as an intern and granted an 'extension.' Do you know what my friend said? "You're ill!!!!! I'm proud of you! Ur gonna be the best thing outta the School of [Communications] since LaLa [Vasquez]." CHERISH THESE FRIENDS. I am eternally grateful for having a friend that believes in my dreams and success almost more than I do. Almost. And also my other resolution is to accept compliments like this and feed off the positive energy. I get super weird sometimes and take being humble to the umpteenth level and try to shut down a compliment or counter it with one of my shortcomings. They're being said to me for a reason. Accept it, Stacy. And to my friend Brendan, you're truly awesome and I very much appreciate you!! 

9. Do something I never thought I would do. There's no planning or prepping for this. I have no idea what this even could be. But I know there will be (or should be. needs to be) a moment that is tossed in front of me. It will be uber random and possibly a risk. Think less and just live and just do it (within reason and safety). I love to plan, but so much comes out of spontaneity. Let the cosmos work as they may and enjoy where the wind blows me. 

10. Work harder towards figuring out my niche or expertise. I'm a floater, happily coasting in between writing, listening to music, taking pictures and trying to coexist with socialites. But I don't exactly know what I have a command of. What I do. I can write, but about WHAT? "How i feel" is too broad for my liking. What music do I definitely know? What am I an expert in? What kind of people do I love to be around? When you go to Stacy-Ann E., what do you expect to get? Right now I'm an expert learner and an expert yes-man/clutchmaster 3000. Not sure if that can suffice, but I'll ride with it until I come to some conclusion eventually. 

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for reading and may 2013 bring us all nothing but greatness, prosperity, our hopes and dreams and one GOOD. ASS. TIME. 


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