9 Ways Janelle Monae and Erykah Badu Give LIFE in the “Q.U.E.E.N.” Video

If you haven't seen Janelle Monae and Erykah Badu's new video for "Q.U.E.E.N.," please readjust your life. When I heard the song, I wasn't married to it. But I love me some Monae, so I looked forward to the video. I was not disappointed. At all. I mean, I'm still not fawning over the song, but if this video is their way of selling it, I have emptied my wallet. Oh, why you ask?"

Everyone is fly down to the “extras.” 

If you can even call them that. The whole video setup is brilliant. As all the members of her crew hold their places in statuesque form, they are all flawless and crisply styled.

It’s all in the details. 

From her elaborately decorated pinkie nail to the gold tooth on the skull record player to the tuxedo shoes perched on a pillar, little glimmers in the video set up stand out in a good way.

She appears and serves in a number of ways. 

When you first see her unsmudged red lip, you let out a "yassss" of approval. However, the next scene comes quickly and before you can even think about it, she graces you with her presence in a feminine billowy shirt. You haven’t even recollected your breathing pattern before the camera pans down to her killer platinum booties at the 1:41 mark.

There is a wig involved. 

For one scene, Ms. Monae ditches her signature pinned pompadour to make way for a doo-wop pixie cut. And it reminds you yet again of her killer looks and how diverse her beauty is. While she gives us a taste of what her 70s steez would look like, it’ll take a couple seconds to realize it’s actually her. All of her backup dancers don the same coif, but her face is beat with a tame frosted pink lip and a blush that captures the heat of summer. CoverGirl is clearly winning, because literally, her face throughout the entire video >.

It’s imperfect. 

She hasn’t let go of any of her quirk. Although Janelle’s face and hair are snatched and laid for the gawds, she’s still doing the same epileptic dance numbers one’s embarrassing parents would do at your sweet 16. Her backup dancers keep tugging at their dresses everytime they hike up. There’s something noticeably charming and authentic about her public displays of awkward and other “mistakes” viewers might find.

“The booty don’t lie.” 

This quote was hand delivered from the heavens, because there couldn’t have been a more perfect way to describe all the curves she proudly flaunted. Sure, the tailored look is her thing, but it’s always a treat when she lets her XX chromosomes show a little more than usual. 

Her lip gloss… is poppin! 

Niatia Kirkland, take notes.

This happened. 

Honestly, Erykah Badoula Oblongata served as soon as she turned around. I had to physically clutch my heart. I wasn’t ready.

She schools both JT and Jay-Z with her suit and tie flow. 

Pair a mean tux/bowtie combination with some charismatically delivered bars? *kisses fingers in an Italian-like fashion* Magnifique. 

HERE'S THE FULL VIDEO FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE (I wasn't gonna leave you hangin):


  1. Everything! I too was ready to shell out money I don't have on the spot after seeing this video.

  2. still looking for the record player! I don't care what it costs. this video gave me life!


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