Boss vs. Bought

I'd like to think that I'm extremely ambitious.

Not sure if I was aware of it until recently. It dawned on me when I was thinking about all the things I want to accomplish in my lifetime career-wise. I was pissed that I was 22 and hadn't mapped my life out yet and decided on the name/title of the career I wanted to pursue. This summer, actually, I answered myself. There is no one occupation I want to claim. 

I want seven. Yes, seven. And I intend to have them all. Possibly simultaneously (we'll see how that goes).  

Now, in my current field (good ol' journalism), me living a quote unquote lavish life isn't going to be immediate by ANY means. Ha! No BMW. No posh condo nestled in the heart of the city. No Diane Von Furstenberg, YSL, Miu Miu, Louis V or Louboutin for me. Which is fine. Bragging about having all that stuff would just make me a buyer, or bought rather. Not necessarily a boss. 

Success isn't being a buyer. It's being a BOSS. 

Now, if you're about your business, have been about your business, and will continue to be about your business, then toot your horn and splurge because you deserve it. But the sad thing is, more than half of our generation hasn't grasped the concept of being a boss. 

I'm not talking about boss in the sense of being a person that gives orders to others. 

It's a state of mind. A testament of your work ethic. Respected power.

It's not selling out and thinking that because you can [temporarily] afford the latest, trendiest bells and whistles, you're good money. No, hun. That doesn't mean squat. That just means you scraped your last shillings together to glamorize one aspect of your life, while you struggle in another. That can't be me.

We all know the phrase, "I respect their hustle." Be about that life. 

Don't get me wrong, in time I'll get those things. We can all have these things. We can all live that baller-esque lifestyle.

But earn it with your resume, not your refund check. Now that's bawse. 


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