My Natural Habitat

Happy Humpday!

Yesterday could have been yet another day at home spent rolling around under the covers, wasting away in the comfort of air conditioning. Okay, okay. Being home isn't that bad.

But I utilized my also-bumming-it little sister and decided to make a little bit of magic happen. I gave her full, yet temporary, access to my closet and makeup and decided to use her as a model and my home as a backdrop. She's grown ALL the way up since the last time we had a makeshift photo shoot and was so much more elegant in these photos. Here's a sneak peek:

See the rest of them here

I must say, it felt good to be shooting again. When you get home, you get comfortable. When you get comfortable, you get lazy. I haven't had access to "models" (aka my college friends) for quite some time, and therefore lost a little bit of my momentum to shoot. 

Time to pick it back up again before I lose these creative juices.


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