"Group Think" is Annoying.

 So, if you're not part of a "community," where do you fit exactly?

photo courtesy of wired.com

When Solange cut her hair, she was unofficially recruited into the natural hair community, although she denounced the hell out of that once someone commented on her picture saying she was in desperate need of a twist out. Rude. 

Then, the second Frank Ocean stepped his big toe out the closet, the whole LGBT community welcomed him with open arms into their kumbaya circle and claimed him as their own (which is great, because he just stepped up as a beacon of light to people who found too much comfort in the darkness of their closet). But still, quickly snatched into a social circle. 

And if I were to ask you who Asher Roth is, what would you say? White rapper. Machine Gun Kelly? White rapper. Kreayshawn? White girl rapper. Eminem? One of the greatest rappers of all time.. that happens to be white. 

As a race -- the human race -- we sure do love to categorize. 

Even on a lesser scale in general social happenings. Whether you like it or not, you're going to be placed into a community and given a public identity. For example, at my alma mater, it's [unfortunately] based on organizations and affiliations: what you wanted to do, what you did, or who you've done. This is real life. 

And if you're that one bent puzzle piece that just doesn't fit, then what? Where do you fit in the grand schemes of being remembered, or rather, being relevant? 

I provide no answers, I only pose questions. It's kind of rhetorical actually, only in the sense that I know it's stuck as f*ck in our minds that we have to compare or group any and everything. Individuality ISN'T individual anymore, please know this. 

But what do I know, I'm just a blogger. See? Categories. 


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