I Love Him, He Loves Hims.

It's July 4th, and I'm kind of heartbroken. 

Frank Ocean, the musical love of my life and my long lost soul mate, clarified all questions lingering in the air about his sexuality. His first love, which he described so vividly and craftily in the official Thank You's for his album Channel Orange, was indeed of his own gender.

I'm sad, but only because I convinced myself that I was in love. Now, this is huge news. Usually, I get upset when people huddle around their computers and deem things like this worthy of "news," but in this case, it was different. 

It mattered so much because he was loved so much. His music had still has the ability to woo you, rouse your spirits, and reach past the ratchet that inherently lives in all of us and nudge our souls. Okay, I'm being dramatic. But that's what his music did for me. 

It was real. Authentic. Genuine. And people, girls and guys alike, F'ed with that. This change, or realization rather, was magnified for us because, as an artist, he mattered and was worth a damn.

photo courtesy of spin.com

And, truthfully, this just serves as proof of an extension of this authenticity. He never lied to us. He was essentially outed by Max from BBC's radio station, who pointed out the use of "him" instead of "her" in an album review. It was not done with malicious intent, but blogs, mags, and stations took that and RAN with it. For dear life. He was questioned earlier in his career, but nothing like this.

But check this, Lonny (his nickname, but true fans know that) wrote parts of the letter in December of 2011. He was going to say it anyway. Whether we cared to know or check or not. 

That's a real ninja. 

Channel Orange drops July 17th. Guess who's buying his album from a store? This little piggy. Oh, and I NEVER buy music. Ever. I don't believe in it, but that's another topic.

Frank is performing live in Washington, DC on July 23rd. Guess who'll be there front and center? This little piggy. I had a grand total of $20 in my bank account at the time, but I made it happen.

According to Frank's tumblr, orange reminds him of the summer he first fell in love. And that's okay with me. 

If this "news" stops you from accepting good music--the real kind, not 2 Chainz and 'em--then you haven't experienced the therapeutic powers of music. And now you won't. 

I pity you. 


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